Ask Amy: Know of a Fits-All-Sizes Stylist?

I got this email from a reader recently and I thought I’d share my response to help anyone else who might be looking for something similar…

I have a cousin who is flying in from D.C. Nov 11th.  Her goal, to learn to look and act more like a girl – rather a woman.  She’s asked me to help her learn to dress, to apply makeup, to style her beautiful hair, etc.  Problem is, I’m not a fashionista myself.  Her figure proves challenging to find a flattering fit and I need help.  Do you have a contact that I can have her meet with?  Someone that is great with dressing all sizes?  I’d appreciate any help!  Thanks!!
– Tami

Hi Tami!
Thanks for writing in!
I have a few style experts I’d like to recommend to you:
Amy Fessler <>
Kristie Sheanshang <>
Nancy Dawson <>

Amy owns Soho Boutique in Hyde Park and also does personal styling/shopping for clients.

Kristie is a personal style consultant and here’s her website to learn more

And Nancy is a local makeup artist who can meet with your friend and help her learn the techniques and products that are best for her.


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