A “Fashionable Tie” to a Good Cause

I just got an email from a friend and I thought I’d share … it’s a good cause! And there’s a “fashionable tie” to the cause… literally! : )

Here’s the gist: Make a $57 dollar pledge on December 17 to WVXU and get a Dhani Jones bow tie and that tax deductible donation will help support WVXU. Also, all who pledge/call in to the station on December 17 will be entered to win an iPad.

Here’s the email I got so you can get all the details and share it with your friends!

On December 17, WVXU will be having a one-day fund drive in order to prevent any funding shortfall for 2010. And as with any fund drive, there are incredibly cool, community-rooted, just in time for the holidays, incentives.

The one incentive we think will be a social *spark* is the custom-designed Dhani Jones bow tie. There will only be 200 of these available for the one day drive and they are a true exclusive. A $57 dollar pledge gets you the tie … and will help a great radio station continue to keep Cincinnati connected to a world of ideas. And yes, it is tax deductible and will be sent out on December 18.

And here’s how you can help (again, only if you want to) … simply ‘like’ 917 WVXU on Facebook and/or follow @917WVXU on Twitter. As we post information re: this incentive prior to December 17, we’d love it if you could help get the buzz rolling with a few shares, re-posts, RTs, etc. Again, it is a Cincinnati exclusive and it will help to bring awareness not only to the station but also to Dhani’s Bow Tie Cafe in Mt. Adams … an effort developed to give people a place to gather and converse/collaborate about issues that matter and develop working solutions that benefit the community.

In addition to the tie, there are other thank you gifts that give back to the community (feeding hungry children) and tickle the ear drums (a fantastic Cincinnati-only Christmas guitar CD called “Ring.”) Also, all who pledge/call in to the station on December 17 will be entered to win an iPad.

And in case you were curious, here’s a great video about how to tie a bowtie… with instruction given by Mr. Dhani Jones himself.


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