This Week on Cincy Chic: Businesses Big and Small

Businesses Big and Smallnull
Local chambers help all sizes

Cincinnati has a wealth of large corporations and a nice selection of smaller operations. The city needs all company sizes to function, and chambers help support the success and growth of these companies. This week we feature three local chambers and how they help local businesses.

A (Financial) Community Effort
Everyone has money matters. Find out how Orangefinancial takes the guess work out of your finances and supplies you with education, confidence and support to help you take control.

Compostable Cooperation
This week is all about big and small businesses, so we had to include the partnership between Wal-Mart and one local small business. Find out how this connection means a healthier Earth.

Beauty in a Bottle
Two local companies help you tame your tresses with their hair care product lines. Find out how international players and locally focused companies alike can make a difference for your hair.

Best Places to Work Give Back
Two of the city’s best places to work share the philosophy that a prosperous company serves a public need. Read on to learn what companies run by this motto.

Uncorking a New Restaurant
With Cincinnati’s rich wine history, there’s still room for more, especially for this new wine shop/upscale restaurant. Discover how you can expand your palate in a comfortable atmosphere.

Near-Future Fashion
From a national brand to a local designer, 2011’s fashion definitely has some surprises in store for your wardrobe. To find out a little more about what you have to look forward to, keep reading.

Chic Spotlight: Lawyer-Turned-Fashionista Amy Hendy
After four years in her career, one local lawyer wanted a change of professional pace. Learn how this personal fashion consultant made her career change in our exclusive interview.

Total Body Wellness: Preventing Cancer
Cancer is a disease that impacts the lives of so many families. Read on to learn more about how you can keep yourself and your loved ones out of harm’s way.

McCoy on Movies: “The Tourist” Movie Review
Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie are back in theaters this week as star-crossed travelers in “The Tourist.” Our critic let’s you know if their journey is a first class ticket or a ride in coach.

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