Winter Wear for Urban Adventures

I got an email from a lady who lives downtown and often walks to appointments. She’s originally from the West Coast, so she needs help with what to wear to weather the Midwest’s Mother Nature. Here’s what she wrote…

Dear Amy & CincyChic clan—

I loved your fashion suggestions for Julie, who will be running around Europe soon. I need some help too!

I’m a recent transplant to Cincinnati. Coming from the warm West Coast,  I’m completely unprepared for this cold weather.  Mostly, I work out of my home and can wear casual clothes. But my biggest problem is when I have a meeting—what do I wear? I mean, from head to toe—I can’t figure out how to dress professionally (not suits) in this cold! What kind of shoes do people wear?

Then when I am wearing casual clothes, I live in OTR so I walk around a lot. What do I wear to stay warm, but not roast once I arrive at my destination?

HELP! I really appreciate the tips you gave to Julie, but I need a bit more info for those of us who have never even considered being fashionable in this weather. Thanks so much!


So, Drew and I brainstormed and came up with a few more ideas. Check out the video below!


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