11 Trends for 2011

Trend #1: Short hair

Happy New Year!

This is one of my favorite times of the year because everyone is in a state of renewal. It’s like we all wiped the slate clean, gained a new lease on life and have a gameplan for how to make ourselves better in the new year.

There are always your typical resolutions: “I’m going to lose 5 pounds” and “I want to quit smoking.” But this year, I heard a couple new ones:  “I’m going to try to actually listen when people are talking to me” (no joke, that’s my friend Carolyn’s New Year’s resolution) and one of my girlfriends said she wanted to improve her style to help her feel more confident.

I loved this resolution and I told her I’d do my homework to see what would be the newest trends in 2011 to have her looking fashion-forward and fabulous in the new year. Here’s what I found:

Trend #3: Denim (photo courtesy of fashionbombdaily.com)

1. The first trend that I feel is going to take over in 2011 is short hair. I have seen long locks all of 2010 and I feel that it is going to be a year of short, statement-style hair. It is time to lift the length, show some neck and let those cheekbones shine. Even if you are not ready for a 10-inch chop, trim it up and start doing a new sleek, chic hairstyle.

2. The second trend sure to surface in 2011 is natural makeup. Lighten up that makeup load and let us see that gorgeous skin! 2011 will be all about going back to basics with your makeup. Mineral makeups give your skin nice, light weight coverage, choose a brown mascara instead of a bolder black mascara and a natural gloss on the lip. To glam up this look for a night on the town, just add a red lip.

3. The third 2011 style trend is denim. Yes, ladies, the “jarty” is here. I’m not saying to wear a full blown canadian tuxedo, but put on some great accessories and rock the denim!

Trend #4: Baja-Inspired Clothing

4. After you party hardy at your “jarty” on Friday night, you’ll want to slip into something more comfortable on Saturday afternoon. My fourth trend for 2011 is a Baja-inspired trend. Loose, poncho sweaters with leggings for when it is a bit chillier or a cut off pair of shorts for a California type girl look.

5. Style trend number 5 has a lot to do with color. And it is just that! Color, color, color! It may be January but do not fear; color is okay! Here are 6 of the top 2011 colors; pink, orange, yellow, blue, earth tones, and white. And don’t be afraid to take these basic colors and run wild with different shades of these base colors.

Trend #5: Color

6. This next forecast is my all time favorite! The sixth trend for 2011 is all about mixing and matching. GO CRAZY with your patterns. Don’t be afraid as long as you can be confident in your pattern mania. Throw in your plaids with a polka dot or a different directional stripe. Love it.

7. Next up is lucky number 7. What’s better than to go with the number 7 than to just add a 0 to the end of that number? Yes, that is right, 70s! I’m talking every high waisted pant, nautical print top, and urban headwraps. It is time for the women to wear the pants in this relationship.

Trend #8: Military Chic

8. Military was so 2010. So what are we doing with it now? We’re putting a feminine twist on it. Style trend number 8 is the trench dress. This is a spring take on that 2010 style of the trench coat that everyone had to have.

9. My ninth forecast for this wonderful 2011 fashion year is “romantic” prints. Grab those large floral prints, Liberty prints, or even a bold animal print.

10. Number 10 brings us something that really makes a statement. Animal print shoes. Get out those snake, alligator, or crocodile heels and get to stepping! Show off your great gams with a fierce pair of animal print heals. Go wild! Literally!  : )

Trend #10: Animal print shoes

11. The spring and summer of 2011 in my opinion is going to be all about comfort and relaxation. My number 11 trend for 2011 is comfort. Grab a looser fitting dress with a great pop of color and go out on the town! Because when you’re comfortable, you’re confident.

There you go ladies, my 2011 style trends forecast. I hope this helps you start the year off on the right fashionable foot!

PS: thanks to my intern, Drew Ross, for helping me put this blog together.

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