Complimentary Makeup Application at Bajon Salon

Jane Iredale Foundation ... aka dippin' dots! : )

As I gabbed in last week’s  award-winning issue of Cincy Chic, I love Jane Iredale makeup. I mean L-O-V-E! It provides great coverage, but it’s light (because it’s mineral makeup), so it’s like having the best of both worlds.

A makeup artist who did a lot of work for TV stars actually developed this makeup, so as an added benefit, it looks dynamite on camera (photos and video).

My favorite is the liquid foundation. It looks like “dippin’ dots” in the container, but when it goes through the pump, it comes out like regular-looking foundation. This process is supposed to make the makeup look more fresh, but it’s also a cheap form of entertainment! haha!

I just learned that Bajon Salon & Spa now offers this line. Only a few places carry it locally so I’m happy to be adding to the list for where I can pick some up when I run out! I’ve been able to find it at at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa, Dr. Mendelsohn‘s office in Rookwood, Avalon in Rookwood plaza (by Biggs) and Tuscany Salon and Spa by Harper’s Point.

To celebrate their new product offering, Bajon is offering a complimentary makeup application. If you buy $75 of Jane Iredale Makeup you get a $40 Makeup Application for free! The owner told me that the staff at Bajon’s has been training for four months to prepare for this big day! So, let them get your ready for a big night out or a special occasion when you want to look extra snazzy (Valentine’s Day is coming up soon!).

PS thanks to my intern, Holly Hoover, for helping me put this blog together.

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