Five Winter Skin Solutions

I was on Fox19 this morning and I gave five skin-savvy solutions for weathering the winter months. Check out my tips and the video below (PS – my necklace is from Serket Jewelry, a local designer! Love it!)

Chapped Lips?

Chapstick contains a waxy coat and alcohol that dries out your lips, making you need to reapply frequently. Look for something like Olay’s anti-aging lip balm that has lots of vitamins and nutrients instead of cheap ingredients like wax and alcohol. You end up saving money and frustration by not having to reapply all the time.

Dry Cuticles?

I use Solar Oil Cuticle Treatment (2.3 oz. $19.50). Just a drop on each finger a day. You can get it at Mitchells, Sally Beauty Supply or online. I have a girlfriend who uses olive oil instead of this, and she swears by it. My husband is Italian, though, so I don’t want him getting hungry, smelling my hands and thinking they’re dinner. haha! : )

Kids with Skin Conditions?

Skin conditions are on the rise. More than 7% of Americans have psoriasis and 20% of infants and young children have eczema. A local woman created this organic clothing line – called Sock Monkey Clothing – for kids, which I love. Not only is it organic, it’s also soothing to the skin and cuts down on allergic reactions. It also has these cute “hand socks” to prevent little fingernails from digging into their skin and irritating it more or causing scars.

Avoid Dyes/Perfumes

And if you’re going to take the extra step to buy organic clothing, don’t wash them in a bunch of dyes and perfumes. So, Tide, Bounce and Downy all have “Free & Gentle” products so you can be dye and perfume free during every step of the laundry routine. My husband has a ton of allergies and he said he can tell a difference when I use it and when I don’t. It still gets it just as clean and soft, and that’s what I care about, so this is what we buy now.

Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize!

It’s important for everyone to moisturize. But people like me with oily skin don’t moisturize for fear of getting acne. Look for an oil-free, noncomedogenic moisturizer and you can get the moisture without it clogging your pores. I use Proactiv Oil-free moisture (2.5 Oz $34.95).


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