Frugal Fashion Friday at Paris J Boutique

Paris J Boutique up in Montgomery (by Carlo & Johnny)  just started something I thought was interesting. They’re calling it “Frugal Fashion Friday.” The owner, Teresa, picks a couple items in the store and sells them at an insane price.

She just posted today’s deals and they’re pretty impressive. A blinged up timepiece that was $48, but is $20 today. She also has a sequined fitted shift dress that was $94 and is $30 today.

Timepiece (Was $48, is $20 now)
Fitted Shift Dress (Was $94, is $30 now)

Teresa has done a great job with lowering her prices since she opened up two years ago. I think that’s smart because times are tight with everyone these days, but you still want to look good, be on-trend and be wearing something unique. So, check out Paris J’s Facebook page to see which pieces will have their prices on the chopping block for next week’s Frugal Fashion Friday!

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