This Week on Cincy Chic: Best Bang for Your Buck

Best Bang for Your Bucknull
How to be chic on the cheap

Your holiday credit card payments are due, and you and your family want to
trim your budget a little. Before you tighten the belt too much, check out
these two ladies who pass their savings experience and know-how on to you
with a Web site and recipe book.

Things that Go “Bump” in the Night
Although you’ve probably never heard the term “parasomnias,” you’ve probably experienced one. A St. Elizabeth sleep doctor shares how to spot these problems and put them to bed.

Flash Mob Dinner
If you like to eat, meet new people and try new things, this dining group is for you. Read on to discover how you can be a part of their events with discounted dinners at local restaurants.

Building a Wardrobe, Finding a Cure
You can get great looks for even better deals all while supporting the American Cancer Society. Find out how you can do it all with this local shop.

Making Savings Possible
You love those daily deals you get in your inbox. Well, this local lady makes it happen. Learn more about how she works to provide a win-win-win-winfor everyone in the process.

Salon Savings
Keep your cut and color ‹ and your cash ‹ by checking out this local salon alternative. Read on to find out how your next mani can be five bucks.

Chic Spotlight: Financial Adviser Jennifer Funk
Whether you need a complete budget makeover or just a couple tweaks, this financial advisor offers insight and tips on how you can set yourself up for success ‹ and savings.

Staying Healthy on a Budget
Looking back on 2010 two words stick out: budget and bailout. One local woman experienced both in her personal life and is sharing the healthy lifestyle take-away with you.

Orange on Green: The Difference between Value and Price
After a revelation during a recent shopping trip, our financial columnist shares how you can have your advice and use it too ‹ without any upfront costs. Find out how with just a little bit of homework.

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