Countdown to V-day: SugarPlums CupCakery

Gourmet Hand Painted Cookie Tin

Valentine’s Day is three itty bitty days away. Have your gift yet? No worries! I’m doing a “Countdown to V-day” series of daily blogs to give you gift ideas.

Today’s feature is on SugarPlums CupCakery. Get 10% Off and be registered to win an intimate Valentine’s Day “Dinner for Two” at MJs on Main in Milford if ordered by the end of the day today (Friday, Feb. 11)!

Here are some other good deals that SugarPlums cooked up for the big day:

1. Gourmet Hand Painted Cookie Tin $24.95

2. Chocolate Lover’s Cupcakes $15.00 6 of their chocolate varieties for the chocolate lover in your life!

Chocolate Lover’s Cupcakes

3. One Dozen Valentine Decorated Cupcakes $32.00 Gift Boxed

4. Love~ly Gourmet Assortment $45.00
This includes a wonderful assortment of their gourmet cookies and hand decorated cookies, along with 6 Chocolate Lover’s Cupcakes, and 1 doz of our Glorious Cake Truffles!

5. One Dozen Cake Truffles $23.95
You choose from: White Chocolate Raspberry, Cherry Cordial, or Triple Chocolate ! A dangerously delish combo…cake and candy in one…decorated for Valentine’s Day!

You know what they say… the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  I think there’s a special trap door to get to his heart faster through his sweet tooth! : )

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