Countdown to V-Day: The Valentinus Tie

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner – five days to be exact. I know men can be extremely difficult to buy for, so I’m doing a “Countdown to V-day” series of daily blogs to give you gift ideas.

Today’s gift idea is “The Valentinus” tie ($70) from Artfully Disheveled (we wrote about AD here on Cincy Chic).

I love the description of the tie on the site: Some say St. Valentinus was a true martyr for what he believed. Some say he is but a fictional character whose romantic customs have replaced historical fact. Whether etched in reality or cloaked in legend, adorn The Valentinus and create your own story of this lasting hope.

My husband got two AD ties for Christmas and he loves loves loves them. I got him the Six Shooter, and my sister-in-law got him the Shoreditch (great minds think alike!). AD’s slogan is that their line is for the “tailored misfit.” Anyone who knows my husband knows that fits him to a T. : ) Let’s just say he has a four-step skincare regimen and wears a suit every day of the week, but he’s a cigar-smokin’, gun totin’ misfit at heart. If your someone special is a tailored misfit, too, you’ll want to snag one of these ties for him to wear on your Valentine’s Day date.

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