Kenzie’s CLOSET and Dhani Jones Team Up!

Think back to your high school days. Looking back, there is one night that you plan to make the one night you’ll remember with the friends you will never forget: Prom.

The whole last few months in school before summer are spent building up the courage to ask your dream date to go with you or waiting for him to ask you, and of course,  finding the perfect dress or tux.

Although your memories of your night might not be described as perfect — maybe “awkward” and/or “entertaining” instead — some people from your high school couldn’t go because they didn’t have the resources to do so. Maybe the money they did have was used to help their parents to pay the bills, or maybe they couldn’t work because they had to stay home everyday to watch their younger siblings so their parents could work. It really makes you think, doesn’t it?

Well, now those kids (who are facing even MORE money troubles with the bad economy) are getting the help and attention they deserve thanks to Kenzie’s CLOSET.

KC is driven by their mission to give the financially disadvantaged juniors and seniors of local high schools in our community the prom night they deserve by supplying them with dresses or suits and the necessary accessories that they otherwise couldn’t afford. In the last 6 years that the non- profit organization has been in existence, KC has dressed closed to 600 students.

This year the organization has the help of our Cincinnati Bengals linebacker, Dhani Jones. The proceeds from the newest bow tie in the NFL player’s collection of specially-designed bow ties for Jones’ “Bow Ties for a Cause” organization are going to immediately help with the expenses of KC to make their mission possible for 2011.

The bow tie also has a sterling silver bowtie-themed necklace to go along with it, for all the women fans of Jones, if an actual fabric bow tie doesn’t fit your style. The bow tie, which just recently landed a spot in USA Today, and necklace are available at the Kenzie’s CLOSET website here, and are priced at $57.00, which charmingly matches Jones’ jersey number for our Bengals.  So, go online and help the kids in our community. It’s a great cause, and just think what a difference you’d make on our next generation by making their prom night dreams come true!

One of Dhani's famous bow ties

Dhani's new bow tie necklace for women

Thanks to BreeAnna Smith, my intern, for helping put this blog post together.

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