This Week on Cincy Chic: Fix It

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Several repairs, all in one place

You’ve been to the dry cleaners countless times, but you might never have realized the extent of their services. We checked in with some local dry cleaners to find out how they can help you with more than just those “dry clean only” clothes.

Celebrate Red Cross Month
March makes for a great time to catch up on your safety skills and to help a great cause. Read on to learn how you can get involved with the American Red Cross.

Doc Talk: Oh, My Aching Back!
A spine surgeon at St. Elizabeth talks about the issues that are literally a pain in the neck. Learn more about the most common spinal problems and when it’s time to talk to a doctor about surgery.

Cincy Chic Show, with Two Local Fashion Stars
This week’s Cincy Chic Show, features fashion designer Azhand Shokohi and Micah Paldino with Cincinnati Fashion Week. Grab a cocktail and enjoy the show!

Cooking up a Food Solution
With all of its humidity, Cincinnati has four food deserts. Learn what this means for the community and how one local woman works to make a difference.

Learn How to Navigate Your Kitchen
What you eat is one of the top contributors to whether you live a healthy lifestyle, so one local foodie helps you help your health through cooking classes ranging from beginning skills to advanced techniques.

Discover Cincinnati
Whether you’re a Queen City gal born and raised or you just moved to Cincinnati, you don’t know everything about the city, but one local program is working to fix that. Read on to learn how.

Let Your Face be a Canvas
When beauty disasters strike, you can be prepared. Discover those tips and update your makeup techniques for a refreshing new look with a local makeup artist’s expertise.

Fixing Your Fashions
You know that tailors exist, but if you’ve never been to one, the idea of your first visit can be pretty intimidating. We calm your qualms by revealing the ins and outs of fitting your wardrobe to you.

Chic Spotlight: Auto Expert Whitney Binski
Taking your car into the shop doesn’t have to be intimidating. Check out this interview with a local dealership service manager to find out how you can take control of the experience.

Dare for Flair: When and Where to Wear your White Jeans
In season or out, there is always a place to wear your white jeans. Our fashion columnist shares how to find the best fit and how to style a look with them.

Vine + Table: Boca’s Kevin Hart Demystifies Wine, Part II
Some unbelievable new trends are rocking the wine world. Our food and wine columnist continues her wine secrets series, exploring the trends of underdog grapes, boxed wine and bubbly on tap.

Ask Nicci: Should Age Define Your Relationship Status?
Choosing to date someone younger shouldn’t make you question your sanity. Our dating and relationship expert weighs in on what it takes to successfully date, regardless of age differences.

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