This Week on Cincy Chic: Revealing Cincy’s Secrets

Revealing Cincy’s Secretsnull
“Undercover Boss” one year later

After Cincinnati’s own Mayor Mark Mallory just went incognito for the reality show “Undercover Boss,” we decided to catch up with another Queen City guy who went through the same experience a year ago. He shares his experience and how things have changed since the show.

Doc Talk: Oh, My Aching Back!
A spine surgeon at St. Elizabeth talks about the issues that are literally a pain in the neck. Learn more about the most common spinal problems and when it’s time to talk to a doctor about surgery.

Club DJ Shares How He Makes Music Magic
Being a DJ involves much more than just popping in a CD and hitting play, so we chatted with a well-known DJ around town to find out the secrets behind his turn tables.

Hidden Gem Helps You Shop, Save, Give
One local boutique reveals how its customers can save on their next shopping spree or even use it as a charitable fundraiser. Discover how you can score those saving and donating opportunities.
The Skinny on Losing Weight
It’s no secret that being healthy and fit is essential to your everyday life, but you may be surprised how simple it is. One local fitness expert spills her secrets to staying healthy.

Local Secrets to Business Success
Two local organizations know the recipe to a successful business, and they’re sharing that wealth of knowledge. Read on to learn how you can take advantage of these professional resources.

“Sex and the City” Star’s Beauty Secret Revealed
Actress Kim Cattrall is known for her youthful appearance even at age 54, so after she revealed her fountain of youth, we had to try it. Find out whether we had the same age-defying results.

Chic Spotlight: iSPYCINCY’s Leah Zipperstein
She makes it her job to cover (and uncover) the Queen City and its events. Find out how this publication editor can help you discover more about your city.

Orange on Green: Budgeting for a New Pet
Pets add so much value to your life, but they also can rack up some hefty costs. Our financial experts bring in a guest columnist to share four tips to consider before buying a dog.

Vine + Table: Boca’s Kevin Hart Demystifies Wine, Part I
You don’t have to be a sommelier to appreciate a glass of wine, so our food and wine columnist kicks off a two-part series this week about debunking myths and misperceptions about vino.

Ask Nicci: Searching for Normal Guys Online
Online dating debacles are now a thing of the past. Our dating and relationship expert explains how to spot and avoid time-wasters and maneuver through dating sites to find normal guy.

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