What Suits You?

My husband is now the editor of Cincinnati Profile (we now have “his and her” publications haha!) And I’m managing and planning all the Profile events now. On March 18, we have our first event – the Cincinnati Profile Launch Party! I’m so excited!

So, I have several vendors scheduled at this event. One of which – Dan Netter with Tom James Co., a custom clothier – wanted to meet because this was his first of several vendor events he wants to do with Profile (we did this nice write-up about this company here on Cincy Chic).

In our meeting, Dan was asking what people would be most interested in/respond best to at the party, so I told him to give me his schpeal and then I would let him know. He starts showing me his look book – chalked full of men’s and women’s clothing, both professional and casual – and he starts telling me about these “bolt end” sales. Basically, Tom James will sell off the ends of the fabric bolts to their reps at super cheap prices, and the reps can then make suits for their clients a lot cheaper than they ever could with regularly priced fabrics.

I loved the look book, especially the ready-to-wear casual apparel, and I loved this bolt end sale concept, so I asked him to do a little video with me so I could share the info on Cincinnati Profile and this blog! Check out the video below! And hopefully you can come to the Profile Launch Party on March 18 at Performance Lexus in Mason!


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