Chic Shoe Storage Ideas

If there’s one problem with having a shoe fetish, it’s that you need a place to keep all of them! They’re too pretty to end up in a heap on the floor of your closet or tossed under the bed, but that’s what ends up happening! So I went on a hunt to find some helpful alternatives—and what I found are some fabulous ideas on how to store your shoes while keeping your living space looking chic as ever.

Who says you should only bring out that sexy pair of heels on special occasions? Show them off all day long! Think outside the (shoe) box by decorating a long hallway with shoes using simple built-in shelving. (
Transform a simple drawer into a fancy shoe showcase. (
Looking for a new piece of art? This shoe web turns your shoe collection into a modern art piece. (
This curtain concept not only keeps your shoes out of sight, but also does a great job of organizing them. Buying your own storage boxes, as opposed to the mismatched ones your shoes originally come in, keeps the space looking uniform and tidy. (
This one is my personal solution to my growing shoe collection. The bedframe in our spare bedroom is now my shoe storage! haha!

Whatever method you choose, your shoes will thank you. Have a happy Fabushoe Friday!!

Thanks to my intern, Ashley Sohngen, for helping me put this blog post together!

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