Marlaina Stone at Elizabeth’s Closet

For my loyal Cincy Chic readers, Elizabeth’s Closet boutique should be pretty familiar, considering how many times we’ve written about them/featured them in events. For those of you who are new to Cincy Chic, you can find a good summary of the boutique here.

The Mt. Adams-based boutique is best known for its wide variety of jewelry from all over the world. It’s also known as the shopping escape above Daveed’s Restaurant (it’s located upstairs!). Delish food, beautiful bling… best… place… ever!

Funny story how Elizabeth’s Closet started, too. The owner, Liz, used to stash some of her shopping finds in the unused space above the restaurant. Occasionally, people would compliment her jewelry, and being the good business woman she is, she’d sell it right off her body, and go upstairs and put something else on. Then word got out that her jewelry was for sale, so she started buying multiples and using the upstairs for inventory. Then she made shopping trips to NYC, Las Vegas and even abroad to get more and more unique things for her inventory. Eventually, she made it into an official boutique upstairs! She has lots of fun events, and lots of great sales. She even does home parties if you want!

She has an email list too (you can get on it by going to her site and signing up).  And she just emailed about a new arrival that I’m completely in love with – the new collection by Marlaina Stone. Although the designers pieces can be pretty pricey at Nordstrom, running up to about $500, Elizabeth’s Closet offers the jewelry for much less. The pieces are really unique, and for those who love standing out, this collection is great for you. I’ve included a  photos of some of the pieces.  I really looooove the “earthy” one – so unique!

This piece runs for $295-$495 at Nordstrom, and just $150 at Elizabeth’s Closet!

This unique and “earthy” piece is just $125! (click to enlarge)

Thanks to BreeAnna Smith, my intern, for helping put this blog post together.

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