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Local hospital makes women’s health a high priority

We’re pretty lucky, ladies. Cincinnati’s healthcare continues to rang among the best nationwide. Learn about one local healthcare program in particular that’s forging a healthier future for women’s wellness.

Doc Talk: St. Elizabeth’s Medical Weight Loss Program
Bathing suit season is almost here, so we’re all looking to shed a few pounds. But for those looking to drop more than a spare tire, this weight management center is the place to go. Read on to find out why.

Cincy Chic Show: Cincinnati Fashion Week
The Cincy Chic gals interview the planners, coordinators and designers behind this year’s Cincinnati Fashion Week. Grab a cocktail and enjoy the show!

Be Social, Be Health-Savvy
Getting the most up-to-date health info doesn’t have to come from a traditional doctor visit. Learn more about a girlfriends-only lecture series at Tri Health, and the woman behind the fun.

20/20 Vision for Chic Design
The best eye care with the best eyewear – you’ll only find that couture combo at one place here in the Tri-State. Primp your peepers to find out where you’ll find this spec-tacular spot.

Haircut, Color and Botox, OH YES!
Notice a few fine lines and wrinkles while staring in the mirror at the stylist’s chair? A new downtown salon helps take care of both your coif and creases.

A Vision beyond Prescription
Learn how one local man is changing how the world sees with new adaptive lens technology, making self-corrected vision possible with the blink of an eye and simple twist of a finger.

Local Allergy Experts Pave New Paths
A family of doctors helps allergy sufferers nationwide. See how they can treat your allergic reactions to everything from pollen to your husband.

Chic Spotlight: Amy Lang, Go Red For Women Director
The annual Go Red for Women luncheon is right around the corner. Find out what’s new and exciting about this heart healthy event.

Flair: Prescribing Social Graces to Revitalize your Style
Consider that more than half of all business and dating is achieved over meals. Our style expert helps us hone in on some social graces and cuter outfits.

Vine + Table: Women who Rock the Biz, Part II
Learn more about Pilar Zeglin, owner of You-Mix-it- up, who can bring the bar to life at your next event and answers the question, “if you were a signature cocktail, what would you be?”

Ask Nicci: Why the Attraction to “Bad Boys”?
Is it possible to have a healthy relationship with a “bad boy” or are they just a rite of passage for us to appreciate the good guys? See what our dating and relationship expert has to say.

McCoy on Movies: “Scream 4” Movie Review
Neve Campbell is back for a new dose of terror courtesy of the killer known as “Ghostface.” Does that mean you should run to or from “Scream 4”? Read on to find out!

Upcoming Cincy Chic Events:Apr. 21-May 8 – OVO by Cirque du Soleil
Apr. 21 – Rocking to the 50’s Fashion Show
Apr. 21 – Infamous Love Songs Ballet & Beer

Apr. 27 – Free Lunch ‘n’ Learn: Enjoy the Best of Everything!

Apr. 27 – InnerCircles for Women: Women in Leadership
Apr. 30 – Infamous Love Songs

Apr. 29-May 1 – P&G Health and Fitness Expo and 2011 Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon

Apr. 29 – Night in White

Apr. 30 – Refresh & Renew: A Day of Loving-Kindness

Apr. 30 – I Have Wings: Spring Bling “Garden Tea”

May 6-May 7 – Indie Collection Kenwood: Pop Up Market

May 6 – Cigars and Bourbon

May 12 – Small Batch & Single Barrel Bourbon & Wines of the World Tasting

May 13 – Cocktails & Couture

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