This Week on Cincy Chic: Rainy Day Fun

Rainy Day Funnull

Classes for when you’re stuck at home

Don’t let the world rain on your parade. When the water starts falling, you can be prepared for a full day of fun with these local classes geared toward activities that will brighten even the dreariest of days.  >>READ ON

Sneak Peek: Night in White
The second annual Night in White event at Krombholz Jewelers is coming up April 29. See what’s in store at this year’s white wearin’, fashion flauntin’, blinged out fundraiser.

Cincy Chic Show, Beauty Inside and Out
This week’s Cincy Chic Show, features new ways for you to look and feel beautiful inside and out. Grab a cocktail and enjoy the show!

Don’t Blame it on the Weatherwoman
You rely on the weather forecasts to make plans for everything from your activities to your hair. We catch up with a local meteorologist for a behind-the-scenes view of those forecasts.

Baking up a Storm
As Mother Nature makes puddles across town, you could be baking with the fam. Read on to learn how one gal makes mixes for good-for-you-goodies.

Stay Stylish and Dry
Throw out that boring old umbrella and get one of these stylish umbrellas that will make you pop the next time you’re caught in a downpour.

A Day at the Museum
The American Sign Museum and the Vent Haven Museum are unique to Cincinnati, and both can be explored with a rainy day fund.

April Shower Spa Time
With winds blowing and water pouring, give yourself some stress relief. We reveal our secrets to a relaxing in-home spa day.

Chic Spotlight: Photographer Gina Weathersby
Rainy days can make for great photo ops, so check out this Q-and-A with a local photographer, who is about to offer workshops for mastering your own camera.

Ask Nicci: Does Absence Make the Heart Grow Fonder?
Long-distance relationships aren’t for everyone. Our dating and relationship expert explores one reader’s personal dilemma and offers words of advice.

McCoy on Movies: “Source Code” Movie Review
Is Jake Gyllenhaal’s latest thriller a thrill ride or does it get derailed midway through? See what our reviewer had to say and find out!

Upcoming Cincy Chic Events:

April 4 – Eyewear Trunk Show

April 4 – Dragonfly Foundation Concert

Apr. 6 – The 44th Annual CET Action Auction
Apr. 7 – Landscape Design Lunch ‘n’ Learn
Apr. 9 – Bake Me Home Boutique
Apr. 14 – eWomenNetwork’s Exclusive – The Women’s Success Summit
Apr. 15 – From Bump to Baby
Apr. 19 – Business at Breakfast: Sales for Non-Sales People
Apr. 21-May 8 – OVO by Cirque du Soleil
Apr. 21 – Rocking to the 50’s Fashion Show
Apr. 29 – Night in White

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