Wear the Prestigious without Paying the Price!

Cincinnati is about to take the concept of a consignment shop to a whole new level for us fashionistas. The Glass Zipper Boutique (GZB) is opening its doors to the women of Cincy in just a couple of weeks, on April 16. The owners of the shop were inspired by the idea of “rediscovering, recycling, and reclaiming fashion,” so their grand opening date fits perfectly with the “revival” season of spring!

Not only will GZB be offering a wide selection of gently (and extra emphasis on “gently”) used clothing, handbags, accessories and shoes, but they will also be selling new items as well. You can either shop or donate… or both!

They love brands such as, BCGB, J. Crew, Juicy Couture, D&G, Michael Kors, and many more and many many more!  If you do decide to donate your spring/summer designer items, you will get 50% of the profit (talk about easy money making), and the cash of your sold items can be picked up at any time while the boutique is open. How convenient is that? All they ask is that the items are freshly cleaned and in the best condition possible.

I don’t know about you, but I am very excited about having the opportunity to be decked out in the latest mega designers, with only having to spend a fraction of retail! That, my friends, is called winning at life! : )

The boutique is located in Pleasant Ridge at 6058 Montgomery Road, at the corner of Montgomery and Woodward. So be sure to check them out on April 16, for a little indulgence and a great opportunity to glamorize your spring and summer wardrobe without breaking the bank!

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Thanks to BreeAnna Smith, my intern, for helping put this blog post together.

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