A Great Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Heartstrings Personalized Jewelry

Women are suckers for anything sentimental. That’s why Heartstrings personalized jewelry is so fab – especially for a Mother’s Day gift. I just found out about them (the owner wrote in to Cincy Chic to tell us about herself – I love a gal with initiative!). I went to her website and fell in love immediately.

Noelle the owner hand-makes all the jewelry herself. You tell her the names and/or sentiments you want on the charms, she hand-stamps them herself, then you can pick the chain, any other charms or crystals you want on it. And voila, you have created a personalized piece of jewelry!

The personalized necklace I custom ordered for my mom's Mother's Day gift! (click to enlarge)

I did this for my mom for Mother’s Day, and I’m soooooo excited to give it to my mom. My mom has two kids, me and my brother Chris, and she just became a grandmother of her second grandbaby. So, I had two charms made. On the small one, I put her two grandkids’ names “Sara” and “Ben,” and then on the bigger charm, I put me and my brother’s names. She had it done in less than a week! I couldn’t believe it!

It’s really well-made too. Noelle uses all sterling silver, and she even includes a little polishing cloth with each piece!

We chatted about getting her involved in some of our Cincy Chic events, and she’s interested – she said she could hand-stamp pieces on site so people can take home their personalized pieces that night! How cool would that be!? Hopefully you’ll be seeing her at one of our events soon!

Enjoy the video below where I chat with Noelle about her designs, and she even shows us how she does the hand-stamping! So cool! Enjoy!


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