Hats off to the Balconi Hat!

Have you ever met someone who inspires you to aim higher, achieve more and be happier? Renee Balconi is one of those people.

I got the opportunity to meet her last week completely by chance. It started when I popped in to a coffee shop for my daily dose of caffeine, and I ran into Candace Klein. Candace pulls this cute hat out of her bag, and says “You HAVE to meet my friend Renee Balconi who makes these hats. You’ll love her.” What an understatement that ended up being.

Renee and her father (click to enlarge)

Long story short, Renee and I met up and she told me her story. She’s a pro soccer player, fitness trainer, entrepreneur and fashion designer, all wrapped up in a super cute and incredibly fit little package, topped off with a bouncy short ponytail – and of course her signature Balconi Hat.

She was inspired by her father who told her to make a career out of whatever she was passionate about. Throughout the years, she discovered what those things are for her: Family, Passion, Confidence. She makes a career out of these passions by training clients at her Mason-based Balconi Top Training to be the best they can be “and, ultimately, happy,” she says. “I always ask clients if they’re happy and it throws them off. But that’s what I want them to be.”

Balconi Hat (click to enlarge)

She created the Balconi Hat as an extension of the brand and lifestyle. The design was created after her experience with being physically active outside in widely varied weather. It’s any and everything you want a hat to be – perfect fit, keeps the ears warm when it’s cold, wicks sweat away when you’re hot, keeps the sun out of your eyes, and lets that ponytail pop out the top so you don’t look like a boy in a hat. It also looks great on men and kids too.

I don’t know why Renee’s story touched me so much. I think it’s because it sprouted from a promise to her father to make a profession out of a passion… and then it blossomed into a lifestyle that inspires people to be healthy, happy and true to their roots. That’s just something that will never go out of style.

Enjoy the webcast below so you can virtually meet Renee and hear her story and see the Balconi Hat for yourself!


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