This Week In Cincy Chic: A Fashionable Philanthropy

A Fashionable Philanthropy
Cincinnati Fashion Week is finally here! While you strap on the fab-filled week of couture clothes and posh parties, you’re also styling a brighter future with the Cincinnati Design & Fashion Fund. Learn more about it!

New Women’s Wellness Center Offers Spa-Like Setting
St. Elizabeth Fort Thomas opened the doors to its new Women’s Wellness Center. Learn more about the facility that’s changing the face of women’s healthcare forever.

Cincy Chic Show: Viva la Vintage!
The Cincy Chic Show goes vintage with Peggy Shannon from Queen City Cookies and a visit to Mannequin Boutique with Moe Rouse! Grab a cocktail and enjoy the show!

Bow to the Queen…of Brows!
Toss your tweezers and wave good-bye to waxing. Her royal highness of beauty, the Queen of Brows, is bringing the art of threading to the Queen City.

Greetings with a Specialty
Today, we’re all about email, texts and e-cards. But even in this digital age, there’s still room for the old way of sending some love. See how one Cincinnati woman made the greeting card her specialty.

Art Therapy with a Trendy New Twist
See how this local artist helps you turn art into your own personal therapy session. Learn more about her, her art and how you can take part!

Making Project Iris Bloom
A local public relations agency is now representing Project Iris, a cute clothing line touting “style with substance.” Learn more about the passion behind the fashion.

Audition for an Opportunity of a Lifetime
A local scholarship program celebrates a century of helping young women and giving local talent a chance to survive in the big league. Keep reading to learn more.

Chic Spotlight: Blind Photographer, Amy Hildebrand
Today, she’s a talented photographer, but she was born blind. Read on for the inspiring and touching story of her transformation.

Vine + Table: Queen City Cookies
This local bakery produces a cookie so beautiful, so divine, that it belongs in a museum, but it’s much better in your mouth. Learn more about the lady behind these couture cookies.

Ask Nicci: Can Things be Undone?
How do you take back something you’ve said or done? Is it possible to convince someone you were wrong? See what our relationship expert suggests.

McCoy on Movies: “Jumping the Broom” Movie Review
What happens when uptown meets downtown in a tale of love, family and religion in T.D. Jakes’ latest Hollywood release? Jump to it and find out!

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