Chatting with Kwame Jackson

(L-R) Ilene Ross, Cincy Chic Show Co-Host, Kwame Jackson, and me!

Yesterday, I got the opportunity to ride in the limo that picked up Kwame Jackson. This Harvard grad, worked at P&G, was on The Apprentice and is now pursuing a career in the fabulous world of fashion. I was in the limo with a few other select bloggers to get to know him, learn about what he’s in town for (a tie trunk show June 9 & 10), and find out what he’s working on for the future.

He was a really interesting person. Not only is he truly brilliant and clearly accomplished but he’s also down-to-earth, and approachable. Oh, and of course very fashionable. He was wearing a crisp button down, with his sleeves casually rolled up, a green bow tie and spring colored buttons. A breath of fresh spring air.

We had a great conversation about how we use fashion to boost confidence, brighten your day, and “dress for the job you want, not the one you have” because you never know who you’ll run into or get the opportunity to wow with your wardrobe. There’s so much truth to that, and coming from such an accomplished guy, I really take that conversation to heart.

I’m excited that he is here in Cincinnati and I hope you all take the opportunity to come see him while he’s in town. Check out the video below to learn more about his appearances this weekend!

Kwame event

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