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My friend Litsa Spanos (who owns ADC, Art Design Consultants) recently started a new blog. It’s all about interior design trends, inspiring ideas, and features on local artists. I’m helping her insert video in her blog, which is exciting because I’ve been learning so much and meeting so many amazing local artists in the process.

Litsa Spanos, owner of Art Design Consultants

Her most recent blog was really interesting, and because it was fashion-related, I thought I’d share it with all my fashionista readers here on my blog! Below is a little snapshot of her most recent blog post. If you want to read the whole post, and see the video I produced for her, click here! (Oh, and PS we just wrote this awesome story on Cincy Chic about another thing she’s working on: The Scar Project. Click here to read all about that)

Are you unsure about your personal style? Is that large wall in the entry way empty and dying to be filled? I’m here to tell you—there is no need to stress any longer. There are indeed ways to find your style of art and discover a feel and look that fits your space and personality! Look in your closet!

Looking through your wardrobe is a great way to begin honing in on your own style. Consider the colors you tend to favor, and the shape or structure of your wardrobe…

  • Do you tend to choose earth tones or bright colors?
  • Do you wear a lot of patterns?
  • Do you like a simple outfit with clean lines or a relaxed look with lots of layers?
  • Do you prefer feminine floral patterns or things with masculine flare like a leather jacket or boyfriend blazer?
  • Or do you—like me—enjoy several looks? No personality is one-dimensional, why would your style be any different?

Your fashion style can easily correspond with your taste in artwork. Bright colors and bold patterns could mean you enjoy abstract and/or modern art. If you find yourself wearing soft neutral tones, and cozy winter sweaters you may like canvas paintings with romantic tones or whimsical brush strokes—looks that bring warmth and comfort to any room. If you like feminine florals and summer dresses you may also like floral art—whether it is traditionally “realistic” or representative. If you like fashion that portrays strength—structured blazers or leather accents, you may like copper or metal art that expresses confidence…. keep reading here….

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