Face It Spa

I got an email last week from my friend Giovanni. He opened Face It Spa in April, and he invited me to stop by before I headed to the beach. They specialize in facials, back facials (exfoliation for your back apparently… never heard of this before!), resurfacing and other chemical peel alternatives.

Face It Spa is located in a cute little brown stone on West 9th St (225 West 9th) downtown. It’s a three-story building and looks like a mix between a high-end spa and a cozy urban loft. It’s really neat! They even have a little kitchen and entertaining space if you wanted to have an event there, or get pampered with your girlfriends with wine and apps.

I got a microdermabrasion (he said it would give me a nice summer glow for my vaca!). The room he put me in had beautiful exposed brick and great high ceilings. Very cool!

I was a little scared to get this microderm, because I have sensitive skin and the last one I got left my skin really dry, red and irritated. Giovanni promised that his wouldn’t do that and I would be very happy with the results. Who can say no to a beautiful Italian man with gorgeous porcelain skin? Not this girl!

Turns out, I got the best microderm of my life there! My skin felt like a baby’s bottom, and I wasn’t red or irritated at all. I actually put a little foundation and powder on and went on a date. Pete, my husband, even commented on how great my skin looked, and he had no idea I had just gotten the microderm done! Success! haha!

Watch the webcast below as I chat with Giovanni about his new spa and the services he offers.


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