Meet the Queen City Gals

Four local ladies, and their talented student production team, are making history. They put together the first student-run local reality show aired on a network affiliate station.

Last Sunday, the first of a “four-show summer test” aired on Fox19 and the next episode airs tomorrow. Downtown residents Tracey Conrad, Lauren Brown and Adhrucia Apana, and Katie Cassidy of Indian Hill, star in the show.

I sat down with the four ladies to chat with them about the show, how everything’s going since the first episode aired and what’s in store with the future episodes.

First off, the girls were excited about the local businesses they were able to feature. Their wardrobe, for example, features lots of local flair. Adhrucia is wearing an Amy Kirchen black dress (above) in the promotional shots of the show. Tracey is wearing a Serket necklace in the opener and has a Lindsey Lusignolo gown made in the first episode. Katie wears an Ohio necklace with a diamond where Cincinnati is, designed by Paolo Jewelers.

Other local businesses to be featured in future episodes include Park and Vine, Breathing Room, Unheardof, nada, Blue Jay, Chicken Lays an Egg, Shake It Records, Righteous Room, Fuel, Pavilion, and Fast Eddies.

They were also excited about the production value, which I have to say, I think was the best part of the show. The students did a phenomenal job and should be extremely proud of themselves. The production is very professional and polished, and those kids are going to graduate with some incredible experience on their resumes.

The show also features the city in a very positive light. The skyline is gorgeous, they visit many downtown businesses, bars, restaurants and attractions – which helps folks watching in the suburbs realize downtown is safe, fun and vibrant.

But not everything got in that first episode that the girls wanted to get across. While that first episode successfully showed that they’re fashionable downtown gals who love a good party – especially if it’s for a good cause – the girls say they’re much more than that.

For example, Tracey says she’s not just a full time volunteer. She’s also a mom of a 10-year-old active daughter. She gets up early, packs her daughter’s lunch, car pools and runs her daughter around to her sports and activities like so many other local moms.

Adhrucia works three jobs. The first (the one she says “pays the bills”) is Cutting Edge Selection, a wine distributor. The second is XBMD Designs, a social media marketing company, and the third is a start-up online publication she’s about to launch.

Katie and Adhrucia went to Indian Hill High School together – but apparently this has been an issue for the show. People assume they were born with silver spoons in their mouths, and then can’t relate to them. But Katie and Adhrucia both say they saw their parents work hard from a young age to earn what they have today. (I actually used to work for Katie’s dad, Jack – CEO of Cincinnati Bell – and he’s now one of my trusted business mentors. He truly is one of the hardest working people I know, and I respect him very much.)

Lauren echos the same silver spoon sentiments. With her father being Richard Brown, the former maitre’d of the Maisonette, being very influential in the restaurant industry, people assume she didn’t earn her position of Executive Chef at the University Club. Quite the contrary, Lauren says. She’s been cooking since she was 18, climbed her way up, and pulls 50 hour work weeks regularly. Lauren also wants everyone to know she’s a proud West-sider.

So, keep these things in mind as you tune into Fox19 for the second show this Sunday at 11p.m. While on the surface it might just look like a show about four fab girls hitting the town, these girls say it’s more than that. It’s a showcase of great local businesses, organizations, our city, and most importantly – a talented student team at Cincinnati State we can all be very proud of.

Check out the webcast below to learn more about the show and what’s to come in future episodes.


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