Posh Pedis at Mitchells Salon & Spa

My girlfriend, Lauren, and I were chatting at a recent Champagne Tuesday about how gross our feet got over the winter and spring. We’re both runners, so our feet take a beating and they get a little gnarly… especially during the closed-toe shoe months.

My shellac pedi before and after (click to enlarge)

So, we decided to get a pedicure together. I really needed one because I’d soon be going on a beach vacation (which I’m on right now! yippee!). I gave Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa a call to book two pedicures. I was just going to book two regular ones until I found out they had all kinds of fancy ones!

They have their signature whirlpool (the regular pedi), and then fancy ones: shellac, paraffin, hot stone and sports. I decided to get the shellac since I figured it would hold up best through all the sun and sand on my beach vaca. And Lauren got the paraffin to help rehydrate her dry dogs.

Lauren's parrafin pedi before and after (click to enlarge)

For the paraffin, they pour the warm (it’s not hot!) wax over your feet and then they put bags over your feet to keep the moisture and warmth in. Then, once it cools, they take the bags off and peel the wax away. Lauren couldn’t believe how soft it made her once-callused feet feel!

And, like I said, I got the shellac. Now, I blogged about getting shellac on my hands here, but I hadn’t gotten it on my feet before. For shellac, they put the polish on one layer on at a time, and bake it on with a UV light. They do all the scrubs and moisturizing after the polish is on, so the oils don’t interact with the shellac curing process. And what I love best about the shellac is that you can put your shoes right back on after your pedi and don’t have to worry about messing up your polish!

It’s now been several days after the pedicure. I’ve gone on three barefoot walks in the sand and the polish still looks glossy and brand new! I knew I’d be putting this blog together so I called Lauren yesterday to see how her pedi is holding up. She said her little piggies are still looking pretty and her skin is still soft and smooth.

Thanks to the ladies at Mitchell’s who gave us such fab feet fanciness! We’ll definitely be back! Oooh, and one of the girls there told us about their “Beautiful Opportunity” mailing list… apparently they email you about last minute deals (up to 40% off!). Click here if you want to register for it. And if you’ve never been in before, I found this coupon on their website where you can get $10 off a $35 purchase.

Click on the webcast below to learn more about our posh pedis!


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