Wearable Art Fashion Show Artist of the Day: Robin Ewers, Audreyesque

Our Wearable Art fashion show is less than one week away! For more information about this event or to buy tickets, click here! Leading up to the event, I’ll be featuring one vendor a day from the event so you can learn more about what’s in store for you at this fab fashion show!

The Wearable Art Fashion Show artist today is Robin Ewers, owner of Audreyesque. She takes every woman’s favorite accessory, shoes and turns them into a work of art. She was recently featured in Cincy Chic, helping convince every woman it is necessary to add a one of a kind piece by her to their shoe collection!

She will be bringing four pairs of shoes for the models to wear the night of the Wearable Art Fashion Show, all specifically hand painted for the event. However, she is keeping them a surprise until that night!  The photos shown are of the classic blank and white movie icons: Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

Robin is extremely excited to be apart of the Wearable Art Fashion Show this Friday, July 22 at Lunar Lounge with all the proceeds benefiting Kenzie’s CLOSET. She says, “I love Cincinnati, and to be a part of making our city more aware of the talent that is hidden here was a no brainer for me”.

At the Wearable Art Fashion Show Robin will be taking orders for both her shoes and necklaces from her handmade Audreyesque Eyeconic necklaces line. The night of the event she will be giving 25% off to all shoe orders taken at the event and 20% off all necklaces she sells at the show. Please take a look at her website to help get your orders ready: www.rewers.org !

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