Wearable Art Fashion Show Featured Artist of the Day: Serket Jewelry

Serket Jewelry (click to enlarge)

Our Wearable Art fashion show is almost here – I can count the days left on one hand now! For more information about this event or to buy tickets, click here! Leading up to the event, I’ll be featuring one vendor a day from the event so you can learn more about what’s in store for you at this fab fashion show!

Today’s featured artist of the day for the Wearable Art Fashion Show is Lyn Bucalo, owner of Serket Jewelry. If you have attended a Cincy Chic event lately then you have already seen her work worn by the models. This will be no exception for Friday’s event; the models will be accessorized by her one of a kind jewelry!

Lyn uses top designers like Channel, Oscar de la Renta and Dannijo as inspiration to keep pushing herself to come up with one of kind pieces, keeping up with the latest trends. At the Wearable Art Fashion Show, Lyn says attendees can expect, “Layers of necklaces and bracelets, as well as the hot look of the season feathers! Some of the necklaces are even bigger and junkier than before with gobs of beads and chains draping from your neck”.  After her fashion show at the Red, Pink and Blue event, we are all excited to see her new styles.

Lyn’s favorite pieces and best sellers are her necklaces, when designing them she has more options in materials to explore new creations. Some of the materials she uses to create her jewelry include: vintage jewelry, scarp booking materials, craft supplies, shells, broken jewelry, flip flop jewels, hat pins and charms, really the sky is the limit. The Serket Jewelry Facebook page is filled with pictures of her innovative jewelry and most recent pieces.

Lyn Bucalo will be at the Wearable Art Fashion show with her jewelry. Please take a look at the Serket Jewelry website. They are also for sale in three local Cincinnati boutiques: 4U Fashion Boutique (downtown), Knickers of Hyde Park and The Little Red Gift Shop (Montgomery). Their style keeps changing so keep checking back to their website to see the most recent Serket Jewelry pieces!

The Wearable Art Fashion show is coming up soon, check out the Cincy Chic website to learn more about the event and to get your tickets.

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