Kate Moss Wearing Cincinnati’s Fabulous-Furs

Did you get your copy of the August issue of British Vogue? Flip to page 134 and you’ll see Kate Moss wearing a Fabulous-Furs wrap nonchalantly thrown over her shoulder.

Currently based in Covington KY, Fabulous-Furs is a Tri-State gem, featuring the world’s finest faux fur. (We interviewed owner Donna Salyers in Cincy Chic here if you’d like to learn her incredibly interesting story.)

Kate Moss wears her Fabulous-Furs wrap atop a Tom Ford skirt and silk blouse … considerably more costly than the $99 faux Black Fox Wrap found on www.fabulousfurs.com.

I found out about this because Donna shot me an email as soon as she found out. “It’s doubly fun to see our things, not just in a world-renown fashion magazine, but in an International edition as well,” she says. “US Vogue shot our things for Oct cover . . . now THAT would really be fun!”

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