The New Hair Craze, Feather Extensions!

Feather extensions are the newest thing in the hair world. It’s a fun, inexpensive, and low-maintenance accessory for your hair. So, I dug to see  who offers them in town, and found out that Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa does offer them at all their locations.

They carry a variety of colors, and they all cost $15 per feather (installation is free). I sent my intern in as a guinea pig to try one out. She got a purple feather to go with her brown hair. She  played around with all the different places to put it. But once she decided, adding the feather extension to her hair only took about 30 seconds.

I was amazed that you can treat these feathers like any hair extension. You can flat iron, curl, blow dry, round brush … virtually anything you do with your real hair you can do to your feather extension. However, the stylist did warn to put your flat iron and curling iron on a lower heat for safe measures. She said the extensions will last forever or until you have them professionally removed.

The stylist said she sees women of all ages with all lengths and colors of hair coming to get these feather extensions. They are an exciting way to accessorize any look and this trend is here to stay for Fall. Give Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa a call if you want to flock to some of these feather extensions! (513) 793-0900

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