Interview with J Hilburn’s Founder

I got the unique opportunity to interview Veeral Rathod, the founder of J Hilburn, while he was in town several days ago. J Hilburn is a custom menswear company that’s sold through independent consultants. Everything from the fabrics, stitching, and sizes are customized. And because they don’t have brick and mortar stores, and they cut out the middle man, the prices are a lot more affordable.

It makes sense that Veeral started the company with a frugal fashionisto (I think that’s the male version of a fashionista! haha!) in mind. He and his business partner (“J. Hilburn”) didn’t start in the fashion industry… they started in the financial world.

Working in a sea of suits every day to work and analyzing direct sales businesses on a day-to-day basis lead them to founding the company. They learned what was and wasn’t working with these companies, from both a business strategy and consumer trends standpoint, and eventually used that knowledge to launch J Hilburn.

It was very interesting to learn – directly from the founder – how they grew the company from the ground up, and are continuing to do so. Hence, why he was in town – to meet face-to-face with his Tri-State style advisors. Also interesting to learn was that the majority of their “style advisor” independent consultants are women. So, if you like fashion and could use a little extra cash, this might be a fun opportunity! Click here to learn more about that and check out the video interview below I did with Veeral!


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