Pet Fashion Show Feature of the Day: Man on Doodie

Cincy Chic’s upcoming Pet Fashion show is going to have puparazzi, shopping, a fabulous fashion show featuring our readers’ beloved pets and raffles all benefiting Recycled Doggies. But, who is going to be there to clean up the mess after the event? That answer is Cincy Chic’s Pet Fashion Show feature of the day: Man on Doodie!

Man on Doodie is Tri-State’s professional dog-waste removal service. The “President of Doodie,” Brian McDonough, started his company back in January of 2010 and jokes that business is “picking up!” For any pet owner, this is a company you must be familiar with! They will help make your life easier by eliminating the unpleasant aspect of being a dog owner!

Brian says, “Let’s fess up, picking up our dog’s POO is not fun! If we don’t enjoy picking it up ourselves, or can’t recruit one of our children… “Man on Doodie” is the perfect solution, and our rates are unbeatable.”

Something every pet owner should know are the facts, Man on Doodie points out, “With the average dog creating up to two pounds of waste per day, this job can quickly turn into a problem with risk to family, pets and our environment. A recent study found that walking through poop-contaminated yards put some 421,000 harmful bacteria on shoes. Worse, up to 99% of those bacteria transferred easily to tiles and carpet inside homes.” So, why not avoid these health risks and hire the best!

So how does this all work? One of Man on Doodie’s service reps will come to your home on a weekly basis and dispose of your pets waste for you. All you have to do is pick the day most convenient for you! There are no contracts, and you can request a single visit or continuous service.

For more information, please visit: or call (513) 325-8571 to schedule a visit.

Brian says, “I’m very much looking forward to participating at the Cincy Chic pet fashion show. And, yep, attendees can see me in action!”

Make sure you get your tickets today for this fabulous show coming up at the end of the week! Just click here and you can buy your tickets or make a donation to Recycled Doggies today, hurry space is limited!

Thanks to my intern Leah Reitz for helping me put this blog post together!

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