Pet Fashion Show Feature of the Day: PetCakes

The Cincy Chic Pet Fashion Show is tomorrow! I’m so excited! I’ve been featuring one business a day that is participating in this great event and today’s feature is PetCakes!

PetCakes are the only microwavable pet treats made with organic ingredients. But how did owner Melinda Kirk come up with this idea? Simple, once she started eating healthier and buying organic food her dog, Bella, did too. She started baking organic treats for her friends dogs to try and it became a hit, however, baking was taking too long so why not microwave them and cut down on the time. Melinda says, “2.5 minutes instead of 30, it worked great and after researching online for more recipes I realized that no one else had a microwavable pet treat.” Since then her company was born and now every dog who tries them are hooked and won’t go back to their old hard milk bones, but do you blame them?

Melinda says, “PetCakes is the first ever microwavable treat made with organic ingredients, PetCakes has no wheat, corn, soy, sugar, salt or preservatives and is a soft moist healthy treat that can be decorated for special events.”

Melinda and the official PetCakes taste tester!

Attendees of the Pet Fashion show will be able to treat their pets dressed to the nines to a special treat when they stop by the PetCakes table. They will be selling their original PetCakes and specially decorated PetCakes for $10 ($1 will be donated to Recycled Doggies) the night of the event. You can also give your dog a free sample by signing up for their email list. Some other things to be looking out for from PetCakes at the fashion show includes: their $50 gift basket in the silent auction and coupons in the swag bags given out at the event.

Even more exciting, Melinda says, “We are very excited to be a part of the pet fashion show. We are going to do something very special and unique to commemorate our first time at the event with an amazing sculpture that will highlight the essence of Pet Fashion.”

To learn more about PetCakes and to order some for your dog today visit: or visit Remke-Biggs (coupons given at the event will be good at Remke-Biggs) and make sure to look out for Melinda and PetCakes on QVC next month! We wrote about Melinda in Cincinnati Profile here, so keep reading to learn more about the business!

To get your tickets for Cincy Chic’s Pet Fashion Show, click here!

Thanks to my intern Leah Reitz for helping me put this blog post together!

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