The Fagazine Renames to Ostentology

Zach Shumate, a local blogger who’s becoming a fast friend of mine, has some big news. He launched his blog “The Fagazine” earlier this year (Cincinnati Fashion Week was really when I first heard of him) and it’s been wildly popular. But the name, while tres catchy, is turning off some people (namely potential sponsors).

His blog is very fashion-fanatic-meets-Perez-Hilton (minus all the dumb drawing on pics that Perez does). Zach is a great writer, with a daring fashion sense (the first time I saw him, he was wearing a string tie not unlike Colonel Sanders a la KFC). So, if you haven’t heard of his blog yet, you must check it out… bookmark it… and visit often for your regular intake of fabulosity.

So, what’s the new blog name? Ostentology. Yes, he’s getting scientific on us… in fact, it’s “the science of more is more fashion.”

Zach says the name came to be when he was having a conversation with friends about the way a certain celebrity dresses. “They described the look as ostentatious, but I begged to differ,” Zach said. “I have always been a proletariat of the ‘more is more’ philosophy when it comes to style. ‘Toning it down’ isn’t a part of my vocabulary. Spinning off of the word ‘ostentatious,’ I came up with the name for the new blog, Ostentology.”

Ostentology is defined as follows: The science of more is more fashion. “‘More is more fashion’ just describes my personal belief that no look is over the top if you feel comfortable in it, and know how to werk it!” Zach says. “The website will be up and running in the next 7-10 days.”

Zach shared his new logo (designed by Ryan Seminara), which I love. Very chic. And if you ever meet Zach, you’ll know that his slogan fits him perfectly. I can’t wait to see more from this “more is more” man.

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