Zara Launches E-Commerce Site

Typically I don’t write about national sites or businesses because I like to support and shop local. That being said, I just discovered the best shopping site ever for clothes and accessories!

Zara, which has retail locations in larger cities such as Chicago and New York, is a Spanish clothing and accessories retailer. So, it wasn’t exactly easy for us midwesterners to get our posh little paws on Zara goodies. Until now. They just launched a new e-commerce site!

To celebrate the new site, Zara sent my staff $150 gift certificates to shop with on the site (YAY!! Christmas in September!). I thought it would be some over-priced designer site, and that the $150 might cover an accessory. So, I started small with the belts (I want to get a faux fur vest and belt with with a thick brown leather belt). I was pleasantly surprised to find that the site had really affordable prices!

The first belt I clicked on was super cute, and looked really well made… only $15… and it ended up the most expensive one I liked was only $30. Drew (who I recently promoted from intern to my executive assistant..woohooo!!) found the sale section where there were awesome shirts and even denim for $6. Pretty amazing. Highly recommend you check them out!

Check out the webcast below where Drew and I get zanny for Zara.


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