Last Call Sale at Nest Gifts!

Attention Ladies! Nest in Hyde Park is having their Last Call Sale beginning today! This is an amazing opportunity to go out and get any special little gifts you may have missed out on over the holidays or just want to pick up now that the holidays are over!

They’re offering 30% off on all winter handbags, 40% off holiday merchandise and 60% off clearance!

Um, 60% off clearance? Crazy!

Also, their 2011 best product, Corkcickles, are back in stock! My friend Neysa bought me one for Christmas and I’m in LOVE LOVE LOVE! Not only does it look cool, but it keeps your wine cool without you having to go to the fridge for a refill or having to put it on ice (which makes it all wet and the label gross and gooey).

Their Winter hours are Monday-Saturday from 10am-5pm, so make sure you stop in and check out these amazing deals! See ya there!

Thanks to my intern Sara Elliott for helping me put this blog post together!

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