Mega Miche Event, Biz Opps

This weekend is going to be absolutely insane! Not only is Tim Gunn in town, but there are sales out the wazoo going on all over town! Just as a reminder – herehereherehere and here are the big sales going on this weekend!

And I have another one to add to the multiplying-like-rabbits-list:

Miche Inventory Blow Out Sale
When: Friday, Jan. 13th 4:00pm – 6:00pm; Saturday 9:00am – 2:00pm
Where:  Miche Warehouse. 6819 Ashfield Dr. Blue Ash, Ohio 45242
What: All Miche products selling at great discounts! Click here to learn more!

I have to just say that I absolutely love Miche handbags. They play very well into my neat-freak OCDness. If you don’t know what they are, click here to read the Cincy Chic story we did about them a while ago. But in short: they’re a handbag with a magnetic shell that you can interchange to match your outfit. That way, you never have to transfer the contents of your purse from handbag to handbag – you just quickly change the exterior for a whole new look!

One of the Miche reps I know told me that the company is actually expanding into more than just handbags, which I’m excited about! The rep said they’re adding lots of items such as wallets, coin purses, key chains, closet organizers and other accessories beyond just the handbag. In fact, the company – called “Miche Bag” for years – is now dropping “Bag” from their name because of the expansion of products!

My rep said that the company is moving into a “Party Plan” distribution model effective Feb. 1, 2012 (i.e., the Mary Kay parties for handbags). This means more money for anyone who chooses to sign up and have fun selling Miche products. Actually, below is my rep’s contact info if you want to contact him yourself (he’s an awesome guy!) to learn more about all the company changes and business opportunities. Sounds like a fun job if you like fashion, girl time and extra $$! (which is pretty much everyone I know! haha!)

Jay Moore
513.247.3000     o
513-518-2970     c

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