Hat Fashion for Flying Pig Training!

Ladies! If you’re getting ready for the Flying Pig or just trying to find something to keep your ears warm and the weather out of your eyes while you’re out for a run, Balconi hats are perfect for you!

I posted the pic attached to this blog to my Facebook page because Dino was being super cute after our run. More people commented on my hat than anything else though. I have a few friends training for the Flying Pig and they wanted to know where to get one. So, I thought I’d blog about it to tell everyone! It’s actually perfect for Pig training (which I know from experience is always through the coldest, ickiest weather because the race is in Spring).

Balconi hats are great because they’re made out of a thick, sweater-like material that keeps your head and ears warm. It also has a visor to keep the sun/snow out of your eyes. Then, it has an open top so you don’t have to smash your ponytail into the top of a hat!

Even better, they were designed by local lady, Renee Balconi. Since I last spoke with her, she’s released a few more hat colors and a whole line of “wear your confidence” apparel. What a great message!

Thanks to my intern Sara Elliott for helping put this blog post together!

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