Find Out Friday: From Blonde to Brunette

Looking to darken your locks? Watch this gorgeous transformation as a client at the Kenwood Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa darkens her blonde locks to be rich in color with a red undertone. It looks great on her!

With my last cut and color, I decided to go a bit darker too. It wasn’t as drastic as the client in the video below, but I will say, the change was welcome. I didn’t want to cut my hair too much (growing it out) so doing something different with the color was fun to play with. Plus when you go darker, and get a little closer to your natural color, it’s not as¬†noticeable¬†when you start to get re-growth and you can go a little longer between cuts/colors!

Check out the video below and click here to check out the other fun videos Mitchell’s posts on their YouTube page!


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