Latisse Update

So, I’ve been using Latisse for a couple months now (here’s my original post about why I decided to try it out). I just have to tell you – I’m absolutely LOVING it! My lashes have definitely grown in long and thick. In fact, I just went on a cruise with my mom and I barely wore any mascara the whole trip! It was so nice to roll out of bed and look wide awake without even putting on makeup. Most days, I’d put on a bathing suit and sunscreen and head out. Usually on vacation, I’d put some waterproof mascara on just to look awake since my lashes were light. But I didn’t need to on this trip! Now that I’m back to the real world (you know, where bathing suits aren’t acceptable daily attire! haha!), I find myself just putting on a quick swipe of mascara and that’s all I need. It’s so nice! According to my doc (Dr. Nerad at the Face & Eye Aesthetic Center) my lashes aren’t done growing either! I still have several weeks left of my treatment! I’ll be sure to keep you updated on the progress, but so far so good!

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