The Multi-Purpose Denim Shirt

My husband recently bought me a denim shirt. It’s super cute, but probably not something I would have picked out for myself. Pete and I don’t really randomly buy things for each other like this (I’m liking this new trend though! haha!) So, to encourage more repeat purchases, I want to wear it often! 🙂

Searching for inspiration, I relied on my trusty new friend Pinterest and it didn’t disappoint. Don’t know what Pinterest is? We wrote about it here in Cincy Chic and I actually just wrote a whole article about what it is on my friend Storm Bennett’s site, so click here to read that.

I found a ton of great ideas for how to wear my top, and it turns out that I’m going to be able to wear this a TON! From dressy and business to boho and casual. I’m excited!

Check out the video I developed below to see the “12 ways to wear a denim top” montage I put together!


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