Fabushoe Friday: Blaine’s Menswear Shoe Collection

We all know I’m slightly addicted to shoes. I do my weekly Fabushoe Friday… my parents met in the Sears shoe department… and my husband has even more shoes that me (we’re a perfect PAIR… get it?! haha!).

I went to the Blaine’s Menswear event, put on by Cincinnati Profile (i.e., men’s version of Cincy Chic/localized GQ mag), a couple weeks ago and I was pleasantly surprised at all the fun and colorful Allen Edmonds shoes they had there for their fashMANista shoppers!

As my friend Bob Schwartz puts it “….now a days men’s shoe stores are beginning to look like Allen Edmonds dropped acid.” haha! SO true!

Check out Bob’s blog covering the event. “Throw in red or white soles, and its getting very interesting…” he says.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. So, extend your love for fashion down to your feet with some fun shoes… highly recommend checking out the shoes at Blaine’s.

Allen Edmonds shoes at Blaine's in Old Montgomery (photo credit: Bob Schwartz)

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