DAAP Fashion Show Highlights

Since I’m on vacation this week, my intern Devon Barnhard covered these DAAP fashion show events. Read her blog post about the events below!

My to-do list just took a grand hit. It’s now gigantic. I now want to know how to design and sew unique looks, to model like it’s effortless and to produce fashion shows that are awe-inspiring. These things weren’t on my to-do list two days ago, and I know why. Two days ago I hadn’t been exposed to the amazing world of DAAP fashion and their end of the year fashion show that is now filling my head with garment greatness.


This series of events began two nights ago, Thursday June 7th, with the working rehearsal. I wasn’t quite sure what that meant but as I walked in and saw the show’s producer, Laurie Wilson, blocking out the model’s walks and poses I realized that they were truly ‘working’ on the show. It was a dress rehearsal, so you still go to see the clothes, or moving works of art I should say, but the fact that you could see how the show was coming together gave it a special ‘behind the scenes sort of feel’. I felt like I was looking in on something I wasn’t supposed to see …. but I was completely okay (no. actually infatuated) with seeing it! The fact that I was sitting next to two of the seniors made it even more special as they were finally seeing their hard work pay off.


Last night, Friday the 8th brought the rest of the series of fashionable events. First up was the pre-show cocktail party with endless appetizers and drinks. The appetizers looked delectable but the people looked more so. It was quite the ‘chic’ crowd, and I couldn’t be more thankful that I dressed my best! The attendees were equipped with soaring stilettos, unique cocktail dresses, and wide brimmed glasses (sported by those ‘chic’ men that were present).

On the way from the party to the show there was a procession of giant posters displaying work of the ‘product development’ seniors including projects displaying everything from dog hoodies to  ‘river clothes’. It was quite the eclectic mix!


Finally it was time for the big show. The audience had to be begged to sit down because everyone was so hyped up! The show began with speakers and honorees, but let’s be real – you guys probably want to hear about the looks…


First up, after the corporate sponsor, Macy’s, ‘Brasil’ line was shown, was children’s wear. My favorite was a collection called, “Olivia”, by Mary Boeddeker with a bright pink and green theme. The kids skipped down the runway and hugged at the end showing off their star-patterned sweaters, tutus, exotic leggings, oversized stocking caps, and glasses adorned with bows. I literally couldn’t stop smiling at the cuteness and you could tell the mom’s in the audience were drooling.


From there, the “Reminisce” section of the show took off. The “Homesick “ collection designed by Amanda Dunigan caught my eye first off, and while I’ve already raved about it in my tweeting coverage of the show multiple times, I must emphasize again how adorable it was! The looks were mix-matched patterns with a sort of ‘urban prairie’ feeling that was inspired by the designer appreciation for American culture after studying abroad.


In the “Resonate” scene of the show there were non-stop collections that were more ‘wearable’ and ‘everyday’, yet extremely unique. Because of this … I wanted to personally buy EVERYTHING. If I had to settle on a couple of favorites I would go with the “Neon Dreams” collection designed by Karly Kleiman, whose looks consisted of sophisticated long, slim fitted pants and a-line skirts, accented with quirky neon colors. I also liked “Berkley Mornings” by Lizzie Asher. With neutral cottons and comfortable fitting layered pieces, the looks are supposed give you a sense of personal comfort, inspired by changing weather – allowing for “elegant mobility” and adeventure.


The last third of the show titled, “ Renegade” had a more futuristic and experimental feel. I couldn’t help but fall in love with the men’s collection designed by Kristy Nguyen called “Salute”. The collection was inspired by the tailored aspects of military uniforms …. with a twist, of course!  She created each jacket and suit to come to different lengths of the body with such extremes of a cropped bomber jacket and pea coat that came to the floor.


Once the collections came to an end, we were left with the finale of all the models, and the senior designers on stage. If it weren’t for everyone in the audience’s sudden need to either, like me, break into the fashion world, or go congratulate a designer, I don’t think anyone would have left! If you missed the show this year I would STRONGLY recommend you come next year!


As for me? I have a date with my sewing machine …


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