ChÄK Fashion

Downward dog meets Snoop Dog, as yoga and hip-hop team up for a new fashion line. ChÄk fashions is a locally developed, eco friendly fashion line that will be released this winter.

The shirts are made of organic hemp and cotton and embedded with a new healing ChÄk technology (they said it’s kind of like the ion products but better!). The shirts will filter electro-magnetic radiation (from high tension wires, microwaves, technology, etc.) as well as a balance and heal your body’s natural energy systems.

They’re calling it fung shui for the body, as the “peaces” are use metals on a subatomic level to align the body’s natural energy points (Chakras) to bring physical equilibrium to the wearer.

Be sure to support ChÄk fashions on their developing website here and like their Facebook page for their newest and latest updates.


Thanks to my intern Sara Elliott for helping put this blog post together!

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