DesigNation8: DesignPower October 25-28

I just found about this event on Twitter, and it sounds awesome. It’s called “DesigNation8: DesignPower!” and it’s a design conference hosted by The Organization of Black Designers. The conference will be on October 25-28, attracting established and emerging designers, educators and students in fashion, graphic, interior, advertising and many other disciplines from across the Tri-State and beyond. Below is more info, and click here to register!


DesigNation8: DesignPower

The Organization of Black Designers (OBD) is pleased to announce DesigNation8: DesignPower! which will be held in Cincinnati, Ohio October 25-28, 2012.

DesigNation8: DesignPower! will bring together some of the world’s top designers to explore how the power of design impacts and influences the local, national and global economies. And to showcase their work.

OBD is a multidisciplinary, multicultural professional organization and the proud producer of the most diverse design conference in America. Our membership represents those who engage in industrial, product, architectural, interior, graphic, multimedia, visual merchandising, fashion and exhibit design. Our conference attracts established and emerging designers, educators and students. It is also an unparalled opportunity for marketers and new product launches to reach early adopters and a highly viral audience. With members and affiliates nationally and internationally, DesigNation8: DesignPower! reflects the mission of OBD for inclusion and diversity.

CONFERENCE GOALS To help you create your design career future by:

• exposure to innovative ideas, methods, products and approaches
• investigating new methodologies, technologies and materials
• making connections with like-minded people
• gaining insights into design trends and market changes
• collaborating in new partnerships and teams
• setting new goals and finding new opportunities


• Design firms
• Corporate design departments
• Graphic designers
• Design/Lifestyle magazine publishers
• Interior designers
• Fashion designers
• Architectural designers
• Industrial/Product designers
• NewMedia/MultiMedia designers
• Design educators
• Design students
• Internet/online companies
• Advertising agencies
• Public relations firms
• New design technologies
• Hardware/Software companies

MEET The design leaders and decision makers from all segments of the global design industry marketing, and promotion in one place at one time.

DEVELOP New relationships and reinforce existing partnerships.

SEE Hands-on demonstrations of new technologies, products and services that define today’s competitive marketplace.
EXPLORE New technology, ideas, information and creative resources for a more profitable year ahead. DesigNation® offers great value in exhibition space, equipment and additional services.

Conference Registration and Information Contact

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