Lafayette 148 New York Show at Saks Cincinnati

Brock from StyleEdit models one of my fav looks in the new Lafayette 148 collection

One of the first shows I ever covered as a blogger was a¬†Lafayette 148 New York show. Through the years of covering this line, I’ve learned more and more about Edward Wilkerson… the dashing man behind these designs! ūüôā He’s a true talent who draws inspiration from his world wide travels. For example, two years ago, I wrote about his collection inspired by a trip to Rome and the Sistine Chapel.

Traveling and fashion are two of my great loves, so I’ve been particularly intrigued with how Edward translates his¬†world travels into women’s wardrobes. He recently visited Saks Cincinnati for one of the biggest in-house fashion shows I’ve attended there (standing room only!). I squeezed my way into a little corner up front. I’m so glad I did, because this was by far my favorite Lafayette 148¬†collection I’ve seen thus far!

The line is usually a little “mature” for my taste (in price and in style). But this collection was the perfect blend of sexy, chic, sophistication – for any age. I got to talk with Edward after the show about the inspiration behind this collection (eee! so exciting!). ¬†Since each collection is usually inspired by one of his trips, my first question was asking which location inspired this one. He said he traveled a lot this year, and instead of one city becoming his muse, he was instead inspired by the architecture in all the cities he visited. The¬†textures of various materials and the¬†strength of structures that’ve endured hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

I could definitely see the structure and strength come across in his bold statement blazers, and the mixture of textures with materials like tweed and leather. Click here to see the entire collection, and check out montage video of pics I snapped at the event!


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