Retrofittings a HUGE Success!

Me at Retrofittings last night!

Last night was Retrofittings and it was a HUGE success!

Not only did I not fall as I modeled the Krombholz Jewelers live auction piece on-stage (I had nightmares of me tripping and falling off stage! haha!), but they also had a surprise guest Althea Harper from Project Runway (she announced at Retrofittings that she is going to be on the next season of Project Runway All-Stars!).  They also raised more than $20,000 for St. Vincent de Paul in just 30 minutes of the live auction! It was amazing!

I want to thank St. Vincent de Paul, Retrofittings and Lee Krombholz for involving me in this year’s amazing event! It was truly an honor!

The Krombholz Jewelers live auction piece I modeled at the event!

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