Find Your Fit with Lee Jeans

A couple weeks ago I told you about the “Butts, Besties and Bubbles” get-together I was hosting with my Champagne Tuesday friends (click here to read about the pre-party process).

Prior to the party, I ranked jean shopping up there with Chinese Water Torture. So, I wasn’t sure what to expect because here I was getting a bunch of different women together who vastly vary in lifestyle and size… Let’s just say it had a strong likelihood of turning into a “I don’t feel pretty party” in a heartbeat.

For years, I’ve had my select favorite pairs (one for skinny days, my fat days, and some jeggings for all the days in between). But then our style gurus at Cincy Chic kept writing about colored denim, pattered denim  and other denim apparel.

So, I was more open to the idea of expanding my jean horizons when I got an email from Lee about hosting a “Find Your Fit” party with my friends. Turns out, it was one of the most fun nights I’ve had in a VERY long time. Lee brought a trend manager from corporate who taught us about body types and how to find your fit (find the widest part of your waist because that’s where gravity takes your jeans). She also gave us great tips (like how striped tops pair great with colored denim, and smaller patterns look better on curvy girls) and tricks (like how denim’s color fades in the washer not dryer, so always wash with cold water).

After chatting with the trend manager, it was time for the real test… actually trying on the jeans they had pulled for us (based on the pre-party survey we filled out about size, lifestyle and issues with our current pairs of jeans). I was the guinea pig for the group and I went first… and, drum roll… the first pair fit like a glove!

It was their dark wash, Gold Label flair denim and I’ve seriously never seen my butt look better. Then I tried on a pair of coral jeans, which fit well. But I don’t own a pair of colored denim yet, so I felt more comfortable easing into colored denim with the blue skinny jeans they had also pulled for me. I paired it with my black boots and a capped sleeve black top and I felt like a million bucks! I ended up taking home both the blue skinnies and Gold Label flares.

Our new colored denim!

One by one, each girl tried on the jeans that were pulled for them. And, much to my surprise, everyone found not just one pair, but TWO pairs, they loved. This is impressive because – like I mentioned – we’re all very different with sizes ranging from 4-16. But one thing we all do have in common is that we’re all young professionals who care about our personal appearances. AKA, mom jeans aren’t an option.

That was the big concern prior to the party because Lee had a reputation for being the high-waisted jeans that your mom wore in the 80s. I’m happy to report this is no longer the case. Actually, after the party, I posted a few pictures about our Lee Find Your Fit party and a Facebook friend commented “Are their jeans better now? Because back around 10 years ago they were pretty ‘mom-ish.'” To which I replied “Honestly, we all thought the same thing. They completely changed the brand and now have some awesome fits, colors and even patterned jeans! Feel free to weigh in on this, friends who attended the party.”

My Gold Label flare jeans

And here’s what a few of my friends who attended the party said in response:
“Lee Jeans makes comfortable, updated and fitted jeans that rival any non ‘mom-ish’ jeans! They are flattering with a great fit – with your choice of a low or high rise – and come in colors, patterns and fun lengths! They fit every body…literally.”

“I have to say that I was truly amazed at how every single pair of jeans I tried on fit me so perfectly. I think Julie hit the nail on the head when she said: ‘No one cried? After all of us trying on a bunch of jeans?! That’s amazing! Are there Lee bathing suits too?'”

“It’s so true! I literally put on a pair of jeans and they fit perfectly, down to the length. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. And they are really cute. And suck my tummy in. *dance dance dance*”

At our party, Lee told us that they are not only carried in JCPenny but they’re now in select Macy’s (I know the one on Beechmont was one of the ones they mentioned). You can click here for their store locator – or you can just order through their site (I see they have 35% off right now actually!). There’s also a great “Fit Finder” on their site, too, so you can have a virtual “Find Your Fit Party” for yourself! 


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